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Our Services

Below is a general breakdown of the types of services we offer, with links to some examples of each.

Verified Views

Verified views are accurate technical visualisations that often accompany planning applications and visual impact assessments.


They accurately show a proposed development in its surroundings.


They adhere to Industry standard guidance.

Verified View
3D Visualisation Interior & Exterior Marketing Views

Interior & Exterior Marketing Views

These images are often completely computer generated.

They are usually commissioned for marketing to the public, such as selling off-plan, but have also been commissioned to present the vision of a project either internally, within a company, or externally to investors.

Whether for online use, DVD or print presentation, these images are a key component of any marketing material or sales pitch.


These images are a combination of photography and computer generated imagery, montaged to create the final image.

They are general purpose photomontages that often accompany planning applications but do not require the verification process of Verified Views. They can often double-up as Marketing Views as well.

Photomontage Architectural Visualisation

Other Image Types

While the vast majority of our clients commission the three types of views mentioned above, some clients request specific types of images to suit their needs, including 3D Aerial and Birdseye site plans (with specified materials shown), 3D cut-away views (revealing floor layouts), 2D site plans and floor plans, as well as 2D coloured elevations. Whatever you requirements we are always happy to help.


Bring your projects to life and create your vision with Visualhorizon3D.

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